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Age Friendly Portland On-line Application

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    If you are interested in being designated as an Age Friendly Business or Organization,
    please review and complete this on-line form. 

    Age Friendly Portland
    1145 Brighton Avenue
    Portland, ME  04102
    T: 207-541-6620 F: 207-541-6623


  3. Please indicate if you are a Business or Organization:
  4. To Qualify:
    • Must be a business or organization located in or providing services in Portland, Maine. Designation criteria is outlined on the next page of this application.
  5. The Process:
    • After completing and returning this form and the following pages, you will be contacted by a representative of the Age Friendly Portland Steering Committee.

    • The representative will schedule a mutually convenient time to visit your business to see some of your Age Friendly qualities in action.

    • A panel will review your application and information gathered at the visit.

    • If approved, you will receive an Age Friendly Portland decal to formally esignate your business or organization as being Age Friendly. You will also receive an electronic version of the logo.

    • Your business or organization will be listed and receive promotion on the Age Friendly Portland website and Facebook page.

  6. Please indicate if you have multiple locations you’d like designated:
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  9. Exterior Enironment
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  10. Interior Environment
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  13. Customer Service / Employee Training
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  14. Marketing Suggestions
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  15. What is ADA?

    The Age Friendly Business guidelines are not the same as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), although Age

    Friendly Business and ADA share many of the same goals to improve access for everyone. Becoming an Age Friendly

    Business does not absolve a business from obligations under the civil rights law of the ADA. A more detailed ADA

    checklist for existing businesses is available for free at Businesses that would like to learn

    more about the ADA a guide is available at

    TAX INCENTIVES are available to encourage compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. .

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    Age Friendly Page 4
    Please state your comittment to the Age Friendly Portland Business or Organization designation, and the vision of Portland as an Age Friendly communiity by filling out the section below. This commitment statement should be signed by your business or organization President, Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer.
  19. Age Friendly Promise:
    We are committed to making our business or organization Age Friendly by striving to provide easy-to-navigate, respectful, positive and effective experiences and services to our community.

    We support the vision of Portland, Maine as a community that encourages active and heathy living and provides a more accessible, affordable and socially engaging place for all ages and abilities.

    We will notify the Portland Office of Elder Affairs of any significant changes that affect our ability to be Age Friendly.
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