Problem Solving

The Portland Police Department is strongly committed to the community policing philosophy and strives to work in partnership with citizens, businesses, service providers and other government agencies to develop solutions to neighborhood problems.

Three PPD programs are in place to facilitate problem-solving:

Community Policing Officers

: The Senior Lead Officers are experienced police officers assigned to sectors within the City. Available 24/7, these officers work closely with neighborhood stakeholders and other police officers to target the conditions which give rise to public safety issues such as crime and disorder. Locate your Community Policing Officer

Community Policing Coordinators

: Civilian employees assigned to Community Policing Centers on the Portland Peninsula and in the public housing developments, the Coordinators provide a centralized neighborhood-oriented resource for community members to obtain information about available services or seek assistance with a problem. Meet your Community Policing Coordinator

Neighborhood Prosecutor:

Attorney Rich Bianculli utilizes a wide-range of legal interventions to target chronic problems which negatively impact the quality of life in Portland. Learn more