Conservation & Maintenance

Boothby Fountain

In 2005, The Boothby Square Fountain was re-installed on Fore Street. The conservation work included the stabilization of the aesthetics of the fountain, cleaning of the exterior, and collaboration with the installers to oversee the finish pointing of the seams.

Common Ground Gazebo

In 2005, the Common Ground Gazebo in Payson Park had vandalized skylights replaced; graffiti removed from posts, and damaged flashing and missing shingles replaced.

John Ford
In 2005, a protective coating was applied to the bronze of the John Ford statue.

Lincoln Park Fountain

The Lincoln Park Fountain is in the center of Lincoln Park between Commercial, Pearl and Federal Street and the Franklin Street. In 2005, conservation efforts included stripping and re-painting the fountain a greenish-grey color. Graffiti was removed from the base. A design was developed for a cover to be used to protect the fountain in winter.

Longfellow Monument

The city redesigned Longfellow Square in 2005 in order to provide streetscape amenities and improved pedestrian safety. As part of that effort, the Longfellow Monument was cleaned and recoated. Funding obtained by Greater Portland Landmarks paid for the conservation work. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department provided attractive landscaping.


Michael is located at Temple Street at One City Center. In 2004, this sculpture was washed and graffiti was removed. A protective coating was applied to the sculpture. Several areas around the base were exposed and zinc anodes were welded in an attempt to reduce the galvanic corrosion of the steel at the ground line. Weep holes were drilled in a section of the sculpture that traps water so that it could drain. Dirt, debris, and corrosion scale in part of the sculpture were cleaned to alleviate the collection of moisture and corrosion. The maintenance plan will include keeping this section of the sculpture clear of deposits and the weep holes clear and draining.

Our Lady of Victories (The Soldiers & Sailors Monument)

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, commonly known as Our Lady of Victories, in Monument Square on the corner of Congress Street, was washed to remove accumulated guano, pollution, and graffiti in 2004. Additional graffiti removal procedures were undertaken to reduce or remove the staining from the stone as much as possible. Soil and seed were added to areas where the foundation had been exposed. A maintenance plan was developed for the sculpture.

Jonathan Taggart noticed that the INCRALAC protective coating on Our Lady of Victories is beginning to fail. He recommended that the bronze elements should be recoated before it becomes a major re-treatment. He noted that some other minor needs should also be treated at the same time. The rough cost estimate for this additional work is $7,000 to $9,000.

In 2005 Our Lady of Victories had its bronze elements recoated, deteriorated joints repointed, and sod laid on the base. This work was paid for by funding from Greater Portland Landmarks.

Pullen Fountain

The Pullen Fountain was cleaned in the fall of 2004, and graffiti was removed. Deteriorated grout was removed from the mortar joints in anticipation of re-grouting in Spring 2005. Damage to the granite caused by snowplows will be repaired once protective street curbs and/or bollards have been installed.

In 2005, the Pullen Fountain was again cleaned.

Temperance (The Little Water Girl or the Stevens Memorial Fountain)

Temperance (The Little Water Girl or the Stevens Memorial Fountain) is sited at the Portland Public Library. Graffiti was scratched in to the sculpture with a sharp instrument in 2002. In 2004, the raised edges of the graffiti were flattened and the scratches were cold patined to reduce their appearance. Additional coloration was applied and the effected area was cold waxed.

Union Station Mural

In 2005, the Union Station mural at Portland Expo was restored, repaired and cleaned by Taggart Objects Conservation.