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Kate Snyder is the third popularly elected mayor for the City of Portland in more than nine decades. Mayor Snyder was elected November 6, 2019 and was inaugurated for a four-year term on December 2, 2019. Mayor Snyder is the third full-time mayor for the city following changes to the City Charter approved by the voters in November 2010. Prior to these changes, the city’s mayor was elected by and chosen from among the nine-member City Council for a one-year term.

As the city’s top elected official, the mayor provides community leadership and develops policies to guide the city by setting strategic goals and priorities for the city with the council. She also represents the city’s interests in Augusta and Washington D.C., where she advocates for the city, its residents, and businesses.

Mayor Kate Snyder - Bio

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Mayor Snyder on WGAN Newsradio Morning News
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