Application Process

Deadline & Hours

For your convenience, the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting schedule and submission deadlines are both included on the Zoning Board of Appeals calendar.

You may apply for an appeal / permit at City Hall Room 315, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

If you choose to file on the deadline date, please note that applications are accepted only until noon on that day. You will be sent a letter confirming the time and date of the scheduled meeting along with an agenda.

Required Materials for Application

In order to hold your place on the agenda you are required to submit 11 separate packets of the following materials.
  • Copy of appeal application.
  • Cover letter addressed to the Zoning Board of Appeals stating what you would like to do
  • Plot plan showing the site and location of all structures, existing and proposed, in relation to the lot lines and, if applicable, indicate parking
  • Lot size and setback dimensions must be shown
  • Floor plan, if applicable, showing dimensions of existing and proposed rooms and/or structures
  • Copy of the tax map (obtained in the Assessor's Office) with the property highlighted
  • Photos of property
  • Deed, sales agreement, lease, or intent to lease document
  • Owner, lessee, prospective purchase, or legal representation must sign the application
  • A letter from the property owner giving permission to the applicant to represent the property if applicable
All plans must also be folded neatly with each packet and banded. If additional information is needed to complete the packet for the Zoning Board of Appeals, you will be notified.

Please make sure you include a contact phone number on your cover letter. If we cannot contact you, the item may be tabled until the next regular meeting.


The application fee is $100 to appear before the Zoning Board of Appeals. There is a $50 processing fee.

Please note that the applicant is also responsible for the cost of the legal ad in the Portland Press Herald, and the cost of sending abutters notification to those within 500 feet of the subject property. The city will bill you for the legal ad and abutter’s notification. Application fees are nonrefundable.