Reimbursements for Asylum Seeker Services

The City of Portland is pleased to announce it has launched an application process for community partners to request reimbursement for the assistance they provided while the City managed an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers this past summer. The City of Portland operated an emergency shelter at the Portland Expo between June 9 and August 15, processing intake for almost 450 people. During that time, the City was able to house more than 200 people with additional families being placed in host homes and others staying at the City’s Family Shelter until housing units could be found and arranged. The Expo shelter was the first time the City had run a 24/7 emergency family shelter operation. 

The City received over $900,000 in donations this summer to help provide assistance to the asylum seekers as they arrived and settled in Maine. Organizations interested in receiving the reimbursement application should send an email to, including the name of the organization and a contact person. The City will then send the Community Partner Application for Reimbursement and any updates on the application process. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received.

The City disbursed more than $140,000 at the end of January to 11 community partner organizations. Applications are still being accepted on an on-going basis.