Baxter Trail

Baxter Boulevard and the Back Cove Trail were completed in 1917. Mayor Baxter was the first to drive down the Boulevard after decades of work to make the vision a reality. Now 100 years later, their vision still lives on in our network of parks and trails that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people annually. 

Stretching from Back Cove to Evergreen Cemetery, the 2.5 mile Baxter Trail route memorializes the contributions of the Baxter family in creating our world-class park and trail system. Following existing trails and sidewalks, the trail passes through many parks and neighborhoods that were created or influenced by the Baxter family. Interpretive signage along the way tells the story of Mayor James Phinney Baxter, Governor Percival Baxter, and their families.

The City worked on this project with members of the Parks Commission and designers Jack Vreeland and Nancy Montgomery, who have a long history of creating signage for the State of Maine and the National Park Service. We think the trail will be a great way for residents, visitors, young and old, to get outside and learn about the history of their parks and how they came to be.

The event will include a ribbon cutting followed by an optional walk of the 2.5 mile route, led by Parks staff and Commissioners. Please dress appropriately with comfortable walking shoes if you plan to join the tour. A bus ride back to Back Cove parking lot will be provided afterwards.

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