Western Promenade

Valley Street Community Garden 2

valley street                             community garden

The City of Portland’s Parks Department partners with Cultivating Community to manage 10 Community Gardens located in neighborhoods throughout the city.

The garden is located down the hill from the Western Promenade and is adjacent to the Valley Street Dog Park. For more information, visit our Community Gardens page!

Memorials on the western promenade

For more information on Memorials and Monuments in Portland please visit this map.

Thomas Reed Memorial

Statue and bronze plaque to commemorate achievements of famous Portland man, Thomas Brackett Reed, speaker of the US House of Representatives and national political power in 1890s.  Located on Western Prom near West St. where an old Band Stand was located.

Thomas Reed Memorial

Lieutenant Frothingham Memorial

 7-ton granite boulder on southwestern end of W. Prom, erected by Frothingham Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, in memory of Lt. Phillip B. Frothingham (1894-1918) for whom post is named.