Ice Skating Lessons


EFFECTIVE: 08/06/2021

Regardless of vaccination status:

Until further notice, the City of Portland is requiring the public (skaters & guests) to wear face coverings in City buildings.



Ice Sports Industry (ISI) Group Skating & Hockey Skills Lessons      

FMI: / (207) 808-5491

The William B. Troubh Ice Arena is proud to offer the ISI Group Lesson Skating Program. This program supports lesson success by offering easily attainable testing levels for all ages and abilities while keeping skating fun! Based on consistent and well-defined levels of achievement, this program is proven to guide a skater from basic beginner maneuvers through significantly more advanced and even competitive skill sets and has literally taught millions of people how to skate and skate well.  TIA’s certified ISI skating instructors are experienced professionals or qualified amateur ice skaters. Group lessons are offered year-round. For each level attained, students receive a certificate and/or an ISI patch!

Group Skating Lessons for Tots (4+ years old) Youth and Adults

FMI: / (207) 808-5491

Sharpen your skills and join us! Lesson instruction enables students to pursue interests in figure skating, recreational skating or speed-skating. Our program welcomes all levels from beginner - advanced. Each youth/adult lesson generally consists of 25 minutes of instruction and 25 minutes of practice while tots, age 4 & 5, are taught for 30 minutes. ISI Testing Levels are strictly adhered to and skaters are constantly evaluated and tested at appropriate intervals. TIA does not allow skate aids on the ice. 

Group Hockey Skills Lessons for Youth (6-17 years old) and Adults 

FMI: / (207) 808-5491

TIA has developed a highly acclaimed hockey skating skills program with an emphasis on stride development, turning skills, crossovers and advanced backward skating technique to ensure that students bring stronger skating skills to his or her game.  We welcome those who want to enjoy a game of pond hockey on a cold winter day as well as those whose aspirations may include a spot on the roster of a major NHL team! Each youth/adult lesson generally consists of 30 minutes of instruction and 10 minutes of practice.