Deering Oaks Park

Deering Oaks Park is a 55-acre public park in Portland, Maine, which has a baseball diamond, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a playground, splash pad and a pond. It is located west of downtown Portland and is bordered by Deering Avenue on the west, Forest Avenue on the east, Park Avenue to the south and Interstate 295 to the north.  In 1875, the Deering family had offered fifty acres to be used as a “park forever” on the condition that real estate taxes on their remaining property would not be increased for ten years. The fifty acre Deering Oaks was deeded to the City of Portland in 1879. A small area in the southeast corner was added by 1930. The park was designed  by William A. Goodwin, City Civil Engineer. William was inspired by a naturalistic style and added features such as a bandstand, Victorian duck house, castle and playground to complement the stately oaks.

Summer Concerts in the Parks

the hiker, Spanish american war memorial

Located near the corner of State St and Park St in Deering Oaks. This memorial honors Portland men who served in Spanish American War(1898); the Cuban pacification (1898-1902); the Phillippine Insurrection and Pacifications (1899-1901); and the Boxer Uprising in China (1900).  For more Memorials and Monuments in Portland visit this map

Spanish War Veterans Memorial