Complete Streets

Portland's Complete Streets Policy

Since 2012 the City of Portland has had a City Council adopted Complete Streets Policy that guides all of our work. This policy ensures that all users of a street – of all ages and abilities, using all modes of transportation – are considered when looking at the maintenance, planning, design or construction activities that affect streets and the public right-of-way. Each street’s context and how it fits within the overall street network are also important considerations. Finding the right balance of street features to meet the safety, accessibility and comfort of its users is the goal. This balance will be different for streets with different contexts.

Complete Streets is...

  • A way of evaluating transportation improvements to make sure they are balanced and provide for all modes
  • A view of transportation as about mobility for individuals and freedom of choice
  • A framework for changes

Complete Streets is not...

  • A "one size fits all" solution
  • A way of prioritizing alternative modes over the automobile

Staff is developing a Complete Streets Manual that will provide more information about the process for implementing Complete Streets.