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Although City Hall is currently closed to the public, the Planning and Urban Development Department continues to process and review applications.

All site plan, zoning map./text amendments, conditional use, and historic preservation applications can still be applied for through the CSS (Citizen Self Service Portal).  Directions on how to use this program are listed below.

For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us by e-mail at planning@portlandmaine.gov

The City of Portland has a new online portal to make applying for permits and plans easier.  Review the steps below to make sure you are ready to begin.

Instructions on how to register with Citizen Self Service

New users register here.   

Applying in the Citizen Self Service Portal

Before you begin to apply, it is helpful to have your information prepared.  Please Complete #1 and #2 listed below before you begin a new application.

1. Have you confirmed your project address is listed with the Assessing Department?

Check now

[Note: Often applicants find the parcel id does not match the street address exactly.  It is important to verify with the Assessing database to make sure you are selecting the correct parcel and street address.  

When you apply, if the address search turns up zero results, please switch to the parcel search and enter the information from the assessing database.  Please note there are two spaces between the chart and block 123^^A001. 

Still having trouble?  Refer to Step 6  of the Instructions on How to apply through Citizen Self Service

2.  Have you prepared a Project Summary and saved it as a PDF? 

See Project Summary Example

*Required Document* A project summary is a written description of the project and should include the following details:

Site Plan Details

Historic Preservation Details

Project Name and LocationProject Location
Proposed usesProject description including scope of work
Building sizeElevations showing proposed alterations
Number of residential unitsPhotographs of the building
Square footage of commercial space
Number of parking spaces

After submission of the data above, a quality check will be done by staff and you will be notified of next steps.  Please review numbers 3 and 4 below to prepare your files for the next steps. 

3.  Have you selected the correct application type. downloaded the checklist of required documents and drawings and checked what the required fees will be? 

[Note: Each application type has different requirements.  If an application is missing items from the checklist, it may be deemed incomplete.  Checklists should be downloaded, filled out electronically and submitted into the documents folder of our Electronic Plan Review system (e-Plan)]

A fee schedule is listed further down on this page.

Development Review Checklists

**Checklists are fillable PDF forms, please download, complete and save for uploading with files in step 4.**

Application TypesApplicability     Download Checklist
Administrative AuthorizationApplicabilityChecklist
Level I Site AlterationApplicabilityChecklist
Level II Site PlanApplicabilityChecklist
Level III Site Plan and SubdivisionApplicabilityChecklist
Conditional UseApplicabilityChecklist
Conditional Use Inclusionary ZoningApplicabilityn/a
Conditional Use Inclusionary Zoning (Hotel)Applicabilityn/a
Contract or Conditional Rezoning
Master Development
Text Amendment
Map Amendment
Text and Map Amendment
Plan Amendment for a Site Plan
Plan Amendment for a Master Development Plan

Historic Preservation Checklist

**Checklists are fillable PDF forms, please download, complete and save for uploading with files in step 4.**

Application Type and Description  Download Checklist
Historic Preservation Administrative Review
Staff review of minor/standard exterior alteration or site change (e.g. porch replacement, masonry work, fence installation) 
Historic Preservation Board Review - Small Project
Board review of project involving limited scope of work. 
Historic Preservation Board Review - Major Project
Board review of major project involving 1) new construction or building addition exceeding 10,000 sq. ft. or 2) comprehensive rehabilitation/redesign of existing structure. 
Historic Preservation After-the-Fact Review
Review of work commenced or completed without advance approval. 

Fee Schedule

Development Review and Historic Preservation Fees

As of December 19, 2018, developments may be subject to Impact Fees.  For more information, visit the Impact Fee website

4.  Are each one of your drawings and renderings saved in individual PDF file format?  Do they have a descriptive PDF file name?  

When preparing your PDF files for uploading, please refer to the Instructions on how to upload documents and drawings to Electronic Plan Review (e-Plan)

[Note:  You will be receiving an email after applying through the portal requesting you upload your drawings, documents and photographs.  Follow instructions above on how to prepare for this step.]

You are ready to begin!  

Existing users login here.  

After review of your application submission, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to view and pay your invoice.  Payments will be made online.  Learn how to pay your invoice by reviewing the Instructions on how to pay your invoice.

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