Dog Citations


Waiver fines for a dog at large citation, and also other City Code violations like littering, smoking in a city park, failure to pick up dog waste, disorderly conduct and public urination, can be paid at the front desk of the Portland Police Department, located at 109 Middle Street, Portland, Maine. Only cash (exact amount only) or checks are accepted.

Note: Checks can be mailed directly to Portland Police Department, c/o Neighborhood Prosecutor, 109 Middle Street, Portland, Maine 04101 at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled Court date.

Typically, the fine paid in advance, also called a Waiver for Admission, is half of the fine charged on the day of the court hearing for the offense. The Waiver Fine for a first offense of having a dog at large is $37.50. The court fine is $75.00.

Please keep in mind that more complex matters that may require restitution to the victim like Graffiti, Dangerous Dog, etc., cannot be resolved by simply paying a fine and are often resolved through a Consent Agreement or a Court Judgment following a hearing.

If a Defendant has a question in regard to a specific fine or violation, he or she can contact Rich Bianculli, Neighborhood Prosecutor, at 756-8350.