Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

Portland's Bikeway Network

Portland is addressing the needs of its bicyclists with three main types of bikeways:
  Different types of bikeways serve different bicyclists based upon the characteristics of the street. These characteristics include the volume, type and speed of motor vehicle traffic. Busy streets are less suitable for younger or less confidant cyclists while many local residential streets meet their needs well.

Click here for a map of Portland's existing and planned bikeway network.

2013 Bikeshare Next Steps Study

Abandoned Bicycle Policy  
Removing abandoned bicycles helps keep the City's limited bicycle parking and scarce sidewalk space useful and free of clutter.  For information on procedures for handling abandoned bicycles, please see the policy below:

Abandoned Bicycle Policy
Abandoned Bicycle Donation Application
Bike Corral Program     

For more information or to request a bike corral, please fill out the application below: 

City of Portland Bike Corral Application