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Authorization to Release a Vital Record
Birth & Death Certificate
Birth Records Request Form
Death Records Request Form
Genealogy Request Form
Marriage Licenses
Marriage Records Request Form

Vital Records

You may purchase a certified copy of a  birth, death, marriage record either in person or through the mail. The event had to have occurred in Portland. 

To order a certified copy of these records through the mail please write us a letter including the following information:
1. Full name(s) on the record
2. Date of birth, death, or marriage
3. For birth please include parents names (with mother’s maiden name)
4. If your name is not on the records, please call the City Clerk's office for guidance.
5.  Photocopy of proof of identity
6. Your name, mailing address and telephone number
7. Number of copies ordering
8. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

It is $15.00 for the first certified copy and $6.00 for each additional certified copy of the same record, ordered at the same time. Make checks payable to the “City of Portland.”

Note: New Vital Records Law Effective September 28, 2011

Marriage License

Marriage Records Request Form

Residents of the State intending to be joined in marriage shall record notice of their intentions in the office of the clerk of the municipality in which at least one of them resides. The parties must fill out the Intentions of Marriage Forms. Out-of-State Residents may file their Intentions in any municipal office.

This license is valid in any community in Maine for a period of 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.

If either party has been previously married, a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate must be presented to the clerk.

The cost of the marriage license is $40.00.

For certified copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates, there is a $15.00 charge per copy for the first copy and $6.00 for additional copies only if requested at the same time. For example, two copies would cost $21.00


Marriage Policy

NEW: Marriage Ceremony Policy

If you are planning on getting married in City Hall, click to view the Marriage Policy.