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Business License Application
Business Licensing Process
City Code
d/b/a Partnership Application
d/b/a Sole Proprietor Application
d/b/a Withdrawal Application

The City Clerk’s Business License Administrator is responsible for issuing all business licenses for Portland. To contact the Business License Administrator call 874-8557.

Regardless of the type of business license applied for, if the applicant intends to operate as a sole proprietor or a partnership, a d/b/a (doing business as) must be filed. The d/b/a filing fee is $10.00.

During your site selection process, it is important to contact the City Treasury Division, room 102 City Hall (207) 874-8856, to determine any outstanding taxes or sewer fees on the property. Any outstanding fees will affect your ability to obtain your business license until they are brought current.

With the exception of those business licenses listed below, businesses located within the City of Portland are NOT required to hold a municipal business license.

Prior to receiving a city license to conduct a business, most business types listed below require an inspection from the City from either the Fire Department, Code (Health) Department or Police Department. Questions regarding applications and fee schedules for the types of business licenses listed below should be directed to the City Clerk's Department.

All business licenses require a $35.00 application fee. However, if you are applying for multiple licenses at the same time, only one $35.00 fee is required. All fees, applications and licenses must be paid on an annual basis. Renewal application fees are $25.00.


Business License Applications
 All in .pdf format

Carnival License
Chicken Permits
Circus License
Community Kitchen User
Dance Hall
Dance Hall Concert Hall
Entertainment and Dancing (Supplemental)
Fire Permit
Flea Market Operator Application
Flea Market Seller License Application
Food Service Establishment/Community Kitchen
Going Out of Business Sale
Liquor License
Liquor  License  Renewal  Process
Massage Establishment
Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist / Establishment Combined
Merry-Go-Round & Other Rides
Mobile Food Service License
Mobile Food Service Rules & Regs - Food Trucks
Mobile Food Service Rules & Regs - Pushcarts
Mobile Unit Compliance Handout
Outdoor Dining Application and Checklist
Second Hand Dealer /Junk Collector
Scrap Metal Recycling Facility
Sidewalk Sale
Single Concert / Dance Permit
Street Artists Rules & Regulations
Street Goods Vendor
Temporary Food Service Instructions
Temporary Food Service License
Towing / Wrecker Service License
Transient Seller's Permit
Valet Parking
Valet Parking Rules & Regulations