Sidewalk Snow Clearing Information

2/28/2013 -

Sidewalk Snow Clearing Information

After a winter storm, property owners are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk in front of their residence within 24 hours of the city ending its plowing operations. This ensures safe travel of school children, mail carriers and pedestrians. Note that commercial property sidewalks should be cleared within 12 hours of the stormís end. Two five gallon buckets of a sand and salt mix are available to Portland residents for use at their homes (not for commercial use). The sand is located at the Deering Oaks parking lot adjacent to State Street behind the Castle in the Park. Sand has also been placed at a new location in front of the Cummings Center on Congress Street.

To view a map of city sidewalks cleared by Public Services crew, visit the city's website.

Residents can call the Public Services Sidewalk Hotline 874-8793 for more information about sidewalk snow clearing or to report a sidewalk in front of a property that has not been cleared. Residents are asked to leave your name, a phone number you can be reached at and the street address of the property with the sidewalk that needs to be cleared. City personnel will investigate the calls based upon priority. Peninsula and commercial properties will be considered first. If the property is found to be in violation, it will be noticed and the property owner will have 24 hours to clear the sidewalk.

If you have additional questions or would like to speak with Public Services directly, you can call 874-8493.