Mayor Brennan Launches Portland ConnectED Monday

2/25/2013 -

Mayor Brennan Launches Portland ConnectED Monday
Initiative unites diverse group in promise to create pathways to success from cradle to career for all Portland students and residents

What: This Monday, City of Portland Mayor Michael Brennan will announce the creation of Portland ConnectED, a community initiative designed to create pathways to success from cradle to career for all Portland children, students and residents. Last spring, Forbes named the Portland region as the sixth best area for professional opportunity in the country with an increasing number of high-skills, high-wage positions needing to be filled. This good news, coupled with findings from a MIT study and goals set within the Portland Economic Development Vision and Plan, provided a blueprint for Mayor Brennan to follow. Capitalizing upon Portland’s assets, a strong educational capacity, network of niche research institutions, and exceptional quality of life, Portland ConnectED seeks to build partnerships among education, business, non-profit, civic and philanthropic sectors. These connections will help the community provide high quality education to ensure that the population possesses the skills needed to succeed in the city’s modern, global economy from skilled labor to high tech to innovation industries thereby securing Portland’s future well-being.

Looking to seize upon the growth opportunity and honor a promise of opportunity for all Portland families, Mayor Brennan convened a group of community organizations including Creative Portland, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Opportunity Alliance, Portland Public Library, Portland Public Schools, Portland Regional Chamber, Southern Maine Community College, the United Way of Greater Portland, and the University of Southern Maine. Over the course of several months, the group has begun to develop a coordinated effort that spans the educational continuum from cradle to college, career, and citizenship. At Monday’s press conference, Mayor Brennan along with members of the founding partners will unveil Portland ConnectED’s initial efforts and goals for the community including achieving kindergarten readiness, grade-level reading proficiency by third grade, exceeding the state goal of 90% high school graduation, and endowing a fund dedicated to supporting post-secondary enrollment, persistence, and completion.

“Portland ConnectED will help the community live up to a promise that all residents find a career within the global economy right here in Portland,” states Mayor Brennan. “We know that early childhood development is a fundamental factor in future success. We also know that early grade level literacy is a key determinant for high school graduation and achievement, and post-secondary training and credentials are increasingly necessary for success in today’s modern global economy. Portland ConnectED will connect the dots between these stages and put all Portland children on a pathway to a satisfying and promising career.”

When: Monday, February 25, 2013
10:30 AM

Where: Portland High School, Alumni Hall