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Historic Preservation Board Items
Planning Board Items
Greater Portland Council of

Portland’s Comprehensive Plan
City of Portland, Maine

Compilation of Adopted Documents
Goals and Policies
Listed According to 
Growth Management Goals - State of Maine

Inventory of Portland
November 2005
Volume 1 & 2

Volume 1  Part 1 and Part 2

Volume 2



Transportation T6
Public Facilities P2
Open Space & Recreation R2
Port of Portland W2
Waterfront Development Zones W6
Surface Water N4
National Wetlands Inventory N4a
Wildlife Habitat N8
Visual Corridors N16
Landmarks N16a
Height Overlays N16b
Resource Protection N20
Sewer Overflows N20a
Historic Districts Eastern HIS8a
Historic Districts Western HIS8b
Existing Land Use EX2
Islands (with buildings) EX9
Peaks Island EX9a
Little Diamond & Great Diamond Islands EX9b
Cliff Island EX9c
Cushing Island EX9d
Zoning EX12
Zoning Map Portland Island EX12a
Vacant Land EX14
Bayside Key Elements EX20 & 16
Keys to the Eastern Waterfront EX22
Waterfront  20
Waterfront Phase  I 20a
Waterfront Phase II 20b
Waterfront Phase III 20c
Waterfront Phase IV 20d
Future Land Use 58
Redevelopment Areas 58a
Future Land Use - Islands 58b
Growth & Rural Areas 58c