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Government Consulting Group Report

USM Permitting Evaluation Report

Outstanding Taxes
Planning and Urban Development may not accept any applications if there is a delinquency on the Applicant or the location that the application is being applied for, in any of the following categories: Real Estate Tax, Personal Property Tax, Sewer Assessment, Portland Downtown District Assessment or Snow Removal. This information can be verified by contacting the City of Portland Treasury Office at 874-8660.

ICC Building Codes

International Code Council

State of Maine Building Code

State Fire Marshal Permit

Chapter 14 Land Use Ordinance


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Getting a Building Permit

Effective March 18, 2013 the Building Inspections Office will no longer be accepting paper applications and plans. All Applications and plans must be submitted in electronic format. The plans must be submitted upon application intake.

If you are a disabled patron wishing to access the Inspections Division during regular business hours please use the intercom system on the 3rd floor before the stairs and staff will assist you. You may also call ahead at 874-8703 to request a meeting in a room that is handicapped accessible.