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a new vision for bayside

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bayside A New Vision for Bayside
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We create and implement a visionary comprehensive plan, in partnership with our residents, which provides clear guidance to the community and decision-makers.

Bayside represents an opportunity to shape the last and largest land resource of the Portland Peninsula. A New Vision For Bayside is a comprehensive development plan adopted by the City that sets a new direction for Bayside. Bayside is intended to be an attractive urban gateway featuring a mix of uses, compact and intensive development as an extension of the downtown. This district will create a new front face of the City with housing, workplaces, services, transportation, recreation, dining and shopping, all within comfortable walking distance of each other and the downtown. Bayside's location between downtown and I-295 presents a significant economic and market opportunity that can be planned and managed to create the best value for development and quality of life related improvements, generating a broad range of employment opportunities and improving the tax base.