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Welcome to the beautiful historic City of Portland. We hope you enjoy your visit. We encourage you to make use of our many conveniently located parking garages and lots. For your convenience, we’ve included a link to view the downtown Portland directions and parking map.

The City of Portland enforces parking regulations ranging from meter violations to residential permit parking zones and employs three levels of enforcement of these parking regulations: issuing parking tickets to vehicles that violate regulations; applying the boot to vehicles that accumulate unpaid tickets; and, in certain cases, towing and impounding vehicles until outstanding fines and fees are paid.

In order to help facilitate the parking control officer’s duties appropriately, all PCO’s receive extensive training in parking management principles, enforcement directives and customer service awareness. See our parking regulations section to learn what regulations are enforced.

Parking Tickets

The Cities parking control division enforces parking regulations ranging from meter violations to residential permit parking zones.

Forgiveness Tickets

The City has eliminated the Forgiveness Ticket Program effect July 1, 2010.

To Contest a Parking Ticket

If you receive a parking violation ticket and would like to contest it, the owner or operator of the vehicle is required to appear in person at the Parking Division in room 20 of Portland City Hall, 389 Congress Street, call 874-8910 between 8 am and 4 pm Mon. - Fri. to arrange for a court hearing on the alleged violation. You must bring your driver’s license and registration when scheduling the court hearing.

You may waive your right to a court hearing by mailing your violation notice within 10 days along with payment of the waiver fee indicated on your ticket, or you may pay the waiver fee in room 102 City Hall. The waiver fee is less than the minimum fine which may be imposed by the Court after the hearing.  Please make your check or money order payable to City of Portland.

If you have 3 or more unpaid tickets and fail to arrange for a court hearing or pay the waiver fee within 10 days of the date of the notice, the City can tow or immobilize (“boot”) your vehicle.

Unpaid Tickets / Parking Ticket Payments

How many do you have? It is your responsibility to keep track. Call Treasury at 874-8860 or Parking at 874-8498 or check on the web at to find out.

Remember 3 or more unpaid tickets subjects a vehicle to booting and/or towing.

The City of Portland offers four ways to make parking ticket payments so that you can choose the method that is most convenient for you. Please make your check or money order payable to City of Portland.

Pay online  

Pay by mail
Portland City Hall
Treasury Office, Room 102
389 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101

Pay in person
Portland City Hall
Treasury Office, Room 102
389 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 pm., Monday through Friday

Pay by phone
Call (207) 874-8860 during normal business hours to pay by  Discover Card or MasterCard.
(No VISA due to VISA rules for convenience fees).

Parking Violations

It is unlawful to park:

Parking Ticket Fees





Expired Meter 



Overnight Parking (Odd/Even) 



No Parking This Side of Street



Double parking or Obstructing Traffic



Parking in Hazardous Area - Fire Hydrant / Crosswalk



Snow Removal or Plowing Area



No Parking Bus Stop 



Blocking or Obstructing Driveway  (On Complaint)



Displaying vehicle for sale



Washing, greasing or repairing such vehicle except for repairs necessitated by an emergency



Advertising purposes



Storage/Abandon Vehicle (10 consecutive days)



Angle Parking Only



Parking a Vehicle 20’ or more in Residential Area Nov-March



Camper, Trailer, Boat, Etc. Over 24hrs in any 7 calendar day period



Driver to Remain with Vehicle in Taxi Stand



Parking in Disabled Zone



Other Violation 



Prolonged Parking - includes feeding meter 



Overtime Parking in Time Zone (green or black sign)



No Parking Zone 



No Parking Between Signs 



No Parking Here to Corner 



No Parking Taxi Stand



No Parking Intersection



No Parking Sidewalk



No Parking / Overtime / Commercial Vehicle Zone



No Parking Against Traffic Flow



Posted Emergency No Parking Zone



No Parking More than 18" from Curb



No Stopping or Standing



No Parking City Lot or Property (Permit Required)



No Parking on Esplanade



No Parking that Takes More Than One Metered Space



Vehicles with three or more outstanding (unpaid) tickets may be booted if they are ticketed for a violation. In order to get a boot removed, the owner must first pay all unpaid parking tickets, plus a boot fee of $50.00.

Payments must be made in cash or by Master Card or Discover Card. (No VISA due to VISA rules for convenience fees). No checks will be accepted. Payments are to be made at City Hall, 389 Congress Street, Treasury Division, Room 102, (874-8860) Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM. After hours, Weekends and Holidays, please go to the Portland Police Department, Information Desk, 109 Middle Street (874-8479) where payments may be made in cash or by  Discover Card or Mastercard. After 5:00 PM we begin towing and impounding immobilized vehicles at the owners' expense.


The City tows illegally parked vehicles from designated tow zones in order to improve traffic flow and eliminate hazardous conditions. In addition your car may be towed if you owe 3 or more unpaid parking tickets.

If your vehicle was towed for having 3 or more unpaid tickets you will need to pay the total amount due, including all outstanding tickets, fees, fines and penalties before you can take possession of your vehicle.

The towing fee is $85.00 dollars. After 24 hours of impoundment the storage fee is an additional $25.00 per day.

Vehicles can be picked up at anytime. However, if you pick up your vehicle “after hours” between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM any day, or all day Sundays and holidays you will be charged an extra $25.00 after hours charge.

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