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Street Occupancy Permits
Residential Parking Permits
Residential Parking Application

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The City of Portland is dedicated to accommodating the particular parking needs and uses of the city’s business and residential areas. We administer different parking permit programs that address specific local needs and maximize parking opportunities-thus improving the quality of life for all of us who live, work and do business in the City.

Street Occupancy Parking Permits

A street occupancy parking permit is a cardboard placard that is placed in the window of a vehicle to indicate the vehicle has the City’s permission to occupy a designated parking space.

Vehicles displaying this placard may park in a specified metered space, timed parking zone and loading zone for each day the permit has been issued.

The cost is $15.00 per day per space. You can obtain a street occupancy permit in the Public Services office at 55 Portland Street. For more information call (207) 874-8822.

Residential Parking Permit Stickers

Residents of Portland, who live in designated residential sticker zones, are eligible for a free residential parking sticker for the area in which they live. This sticker, displayed on the vehicles rear windshield, exempts them from time limit restrictions allowing the resident to park in the one or two hour time zones on designated streets near their home. The sticker is not valid for day or night street maintenance restrictions, at parking meters, no parking zones, overnight parking and during snow bans. Permit holders are still required to comply with all other regulations such as “no parking”, “no stopping” and “loading zones.”


REQUIREMENTS per City Code of Ordinance Chapter 28, Division 4, Section 91:

A. DOCUMENTS TO BE PRESENTED WITH THIS APPLICATION: (Minimum of Driver’s License & Registration)

1. Must show Valid Maine Driver’s License, reflecting applicants address within the zone (exceptions a, b)

A. Students must show student I.D. from a school located in Portland, in addition to Driver’s License.
B. Military must show military I.D., in addition to Driver’s License.

2. Must show current Vehicle Registration, with the name of the applicant on the Registration.

3. Lease, recent utility bill, or other document verifying residency within the zone approved by the Parking Mgr.

Note: Address within the zone must be on two of the above three (1,2,3), one being the Driver’s License, or Registration.
Note: Individuals who have a P.O. Box must have a Portland P.O. Box and if both License & Registration show this, then a
Lease/Tax bill and utility bill showing residency within the zone must be provided.

B. All outstanding parking tickets must be paid for in full.

*There is no fee for this sticker for those who fit the requirements above. There is a $50.00 fee for out of town license holders who own property in Portland and reside at that address at least 5 months per year.

C. The sticker must be placed in the bottom center edge of the rear window. If the window is tinted, or the vehicle has a removable top or cap-place the sticker in the lower driver’s side corner of the windshield.


To Apply

Residential parking stickers can be obtained in the Parking Division office, room 20 of City Hall between the hours of 7:30am and 6:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Download application

For more information call (207) 874-8443.