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The City of Portland along with its partners, the Portland Regional Chamber, the Portland Downtown District, the Greater Portland Convention & Visitors Bureau and Creative Portland, is pleased to announce a new brand-system for Portland.

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Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here. was inspired by an essay written by local Portland author John Preston. His essay, Portland, Maine: Life’s good here, describes Preston’s experience living in Portland and why when asked by his “big city friends” when he might leave, his response was “No. Life’s good here.”

Preston’s essay and closing line summarizes in just four short words, what those of us who live, work and play in Portland know well. Yes. Life’s good here. Portland, Maine has an abundance of riches from our history to our coastline to our welcoming neighborhoods and business community. For a city its size, Portland continues to surprise.

The City’s new brand-system is intended to be a tool for the community and was developed to serve and support a broad base of constituents. It can be used by groups large and small, works on many levels whether highlighting the city, the state or the region and is designed to connect with diverse audiences from the first-time visitor, to the lifelong resident and local entrepreneur.

Portland, Maine. Yes. Life’s good here. captures who we are and why we, just like John Preston, are proud to be a part of Portland.

The brand-system is homegrown. It was developed by a group of creative designers and marketers who donated their time and talents to finding the right words to capture the spirit of Portland. It’s fitting that their creative journey led them to John Preston. Portland has a rich and proud political and literary history, and as a journalist, novelist, essayist and civil rights pioneer, Preston was both a prolific writer and a father to the city’s civil and gay rights movement.

In creating the look of the brand-system, the homegrown energy continued when the creative team decided to use a locally designed typeface. The typeface, Expo Sans Pro, is the creation of TypeCulture, a local company led by Maine College of Art Associate Professor Mark Jamra.

Information on the use of the city's new brand system: Click here.