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In the City of Portland there are roughly 625 establishments including restaurants, coffee shops, schools, caterers, mobile food carts, fresh food sections of grocery stores, etc. where food is sold or served.

According to the 2001 Maine Food Code, each food establishment must have a “Person in Charge” who ensures all employees are trained on food safety. Each establishment must also have an inspection at regular intervals, typically once a year, by the City of Portland Inspections Division.

It is the mission of the City of Portland Public Health Division and Inspection Division to ensure all residents have a safe and healthy community in which to live, work, and visit, including access to safe and healthy food.


Foodborne Illnesses and Food Safety Facts Sheets for the General Public

Learn about common illnesses, including signs and symptoms, as well as tips for keeping yourself and your family safe at home.

Online Inspection Reporting for the Public

Search the inspection records of food establishments in the City of Portland for recent inspection scores and closures.

How to Report Unsafe Food Practices and Foodborne Illnesses

If you witness unsafe food handling practices at a food establishment, or experience illness immediately after eating or drinking at an establishment, please call the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s 24-hour, 7 days a week disease reporting line at 1-800-821-5821.

How to Start a Food Business in Cumberland County

Information and contacts for starting and maintaining a food establishment, including the 2001 Maine Food Code, applications for licensure, inspection forms, fees, mock inspection tour, information on the Portland Food Award, and more.

Food Safety Videos

New videos are available in multiple languages for you or your employees to watch from your computer.

External Links about Food Safety

Click here for more information from the Maine CDC, US CDC, Partnership for Food Safety, and more.