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West End Residents Participate in Hands Only CPR Program  (3/13/2014)
The Portland Fire Department provides the shortened CPR training program to a group of residents. More

Spring Ahead Safety Message from the Portland Fire Department.   (3/7/2014)
Portland Fire Department reminds residents to spring ahead with safety and change your smoke alarm batteries More

Generator Safety  (12/21/2013)
Portland Fire releases information related to generator safety More

Trauma Intervention Program Seeks Citizen Volunteers   (3/26/2014)
Spring TIP starts a training classes on Thursday April 24, 2014. More

Portland Fire Department responds to fire alarm to find a smoke filled building  (10/26/2013)
A residential sprinkler system is credited with extinguishing a fire that began on a stove. More

Portland High School Students Learn about Firefighting  (10/10/2013)
Portland Fire Department Partners with the Portland School District on New Course More

Portland Fire Department to Honor victims of 9/11 attack  (9/8/2013)
The Portland Fire Department lays a wreath of remembrance and sponsors a day-long blood drive with the American Red Cross More

Portland Fireboat Responds to Reported Boat Collision in Casco Bay  (9/8/2013)
The department finds 9 people aboard 2 boats, transports 3 to the hospital More

Fire Department Responds to Fire at 129 Grant Street  (8/15/2013)
Twenty-three families displaced as a result of the fire More

Portland Fire Department clarifies open burning regulations  (8/9/2013)
Portland Fire wants to clarify the rules regarding open burning in the city. More

Sandy Hook Memorial Traveling to Newtown Stops in Portland  (8/8/2013)
Fire Department remembers the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting More

Fire Department Responds to Persistent Fire  (8/5/2013)
Firefighters work to put down fire at Riverside Recycling over the weekend More

Portland Fire Marine Division participates in Survivor Island Extreme  (8/1/2013)
High school students spend a week with Survival Specialists and face the final test Friday More

Fire Department Responds to Two Fires this Morning  (8/1/2013)
Malfunctioning furnace causes fire on Whitney Avenue More

Lightning Strike Causes Fire  (7/18/2013)
Fire Department responds to fire at 320 Warren Avenue More

Portland Fire Department Offers Tips for Safe Summer  (7/3/2013)
Simple fire prevention and health safety steps lead to a safe and fun summer More

Portland Firefighters Enter Burning Plane   (7/3/2013)
Firefighters conduct annual FAA training responding to a fire onboard a plane at the Jetport More

Battle Flag Was Raised at Bramhall Station   (7/3/2013)
Corporal presents flag flown at Forward Operating Base Payne in Afghanistan as thank you to support from local firefighters More

Ambulance Replacement Program Leads to New Medcu 6  (6/3/2013)
Ambulance Replacement Program Leads to New Medcu 6 More

Rules Update   (2/14/2012)
The Fire Department Rules and Regulations have been updated into one comprehensive document on our web site. The new document supercedes all other previous regulations and is effective immediately. More

Portland's New Engine 5!  (1/13/2011)
Seagrave Manufacturing has started construction on the new Engine 5 for Central Station. More

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm tips for landlords and tenants  (8/23/2010)
Smoke alarms use two types of detection technology: Ion and photoelectric. While Ion smoke alarms tend to be less expensive than photoelectric detectors, they have a propensity to activate from cooking fumes and create nuisance alarms. More

Portland adopts latest edition of NFPA Life Safety and Fire Codes  (8/16/2010)
The City Council passed Order 25-10/11 Monday night amending Chapter 10 of the Portland City Code. The order adopts the 2009 editions of the Life Safety and Fire Codes with amendments and takes effect September 16. The order updates codes that were 12 years, or 4 code revisions out of date, and promises to make compliant buildings safer for years to come. A copy of the new codes are available at the City Clerk's Office for viewing. More

Fire Safety Tips for Year Round Boat Living  (10/27/2008)
The Portland Fire Department offers these safety tips to year-round residents living on winterized boats on the waterfront. According to The National Fire Protection Agency statistics, a residential fire starts every ten seconds in the United States. Every sixth fire is large enough to require fire department assistance. BOATS ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM THESE STATISTICS. More

Portland Fire Department Reminds Residents that Fire Hydrants Cannot Be Painted  (5/27/2008)
In response to a growing number of fire hydrants discovered to have been painted without authorization, the Portland Fire Department reminds the community that painting their neighborhood fire hydrant is forbidden without permission from the Portland Water District. More


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The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for supervision of fire company safety inspections in addition to plans review, fire permit and building permit inspections, and for enforcing Chapter 10 – Fire Prevention & Protection - of the Portland City Code. Authorized strength of the Fire Prevention Bureau for FY 2010 is a Fire Captain and Firefighter. As of this year the Fire Prevention Bureau is once again responsible for fire investigations. Investigations are performed by four members of the fire department regularly assigned to other duties and supervised by the Fire Captain.