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1. Can I smoke in the parks?
2. Are there any public toilet facilities?
3. Where are the trash barrels?
4. Which parks have picnic tables?
5. Can I barbecue in a park?
6. Is alcohol allowed in the park?
7. Does Portland have park rangers?
8. Can I hold a birthday party for my child in a park?
9. Is there electricity I can use in a park?
10. When is a permit needed for an event in a park?
11. Can I charge admission to my event?
12. Can I play amplified music or have a band/DJ play at my event?
13. Can I serve refreshments and/or sell food at my event?
14. Can I sell merchandise or other non-food items at my event?
15. Can I reserve parking spaces for my event?
16. How do I know if my event requires police or EMS assistance?
17. Can I set up a large tent or canopy at my event?
18. How do I know if my event requires insurance?