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WCSH TV News: Portland Turns to Cyberspace-Social Media for Economic Development Plan Input   (10/7/2010)
10/7/2010 - WSCH 6 News Video on Portland's Economic Development Plan: More

Study Shows Portland has a 'Thinking' Economy  (10/5/2010)
Portlandbiz Study shows Portland has a 'thinking' economy By The Mainebiz News Staff 10/05/10 _________________________________ What is Portland's work force particularly good at? Thinking, it turns out. That's according to a new report from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management's Martin Prosperity Institute, which studied the work force knowledge of 287 U.S. and Canadian cities and grouped them into 11 different clusters, including Enterprising, Engineering and Teaching regions. More


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Final Portland Economic Development Plan - August 2011
Updated Work Plan for 2014/2015
Economic Development Plan Implementation Program
MIT Report
MIT Executive Summary
Resource Documents




A unified Portland Economic Development Plan has been created in collaboration with the Portland Community Chamber of Commerce, the Creative Portland Corporation, the Downtown Portland Corporation, and the City of Portland. These groups formed a Task Force to steer the direction of the Plan from its infancy to completion. The Task Force will now oversee the work plan activities and annually measure progress.

The Plan has three main sections:

All three Plan sections set forth a development direction for Portland, including specific work plan activities to support “creating economic prosperity through growth of the City’s employment and tax base”, while paying respect to Portland’s quality of life. The last page of the Plan is the 2011-2012 Work Plan. Fund raising discussions are underway to cover the costs of these activities.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the Plan by clicking on “submit comments” at the top of this web page. We appreciate your input.

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