Planning & Urban Development Department


"The Department of Planning & Urban Development's mission is to strengthen and revitalize the City of Portland's neighborhoods and communities and to preserve and positively transform our physical, social and economic environment, while protecting the health, safety and welfare of our residents and visitors. In doing so, we will work collaboratively toward comprehensive and sustainable solutions, streamline systems and processes to be efficient and responsive, and engage the public through open communication and ready access to information.”

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Andrews, Deb Historic Preservation Program Manager 207-874-8726  
Davis, Austen Torres Planner 207-874-8632  
Dealaman, James Planner 207-874-8718  
Donaldson, Helen Director of Special Projects 207-874-8723  
Grimando, Christine Department Director 207-874-8608  
Grooms, Matthew Senior Planner 207-874-8725  
Hyman, Bruce Transportation Program Manager 207-874-8717  
Kelly, Desiree Principal Administrative Officer 207-874-8720  
King, Sean Urban Designer    
Kraft, Kevin Deputy Planning Director (207)874-8430  
Martin, Maxwell Development Review Coordinator 207-874-8901  
Munson, Jennifer Office Manager 207-874-8719  
Rather, James Development Review Services Manager 207-874-8699  
Reed, Abigail Administrative Assistant (207) 874-8721  
Tetelman, Charles Planner 207-874-8724  
Wiener, Robert Preservation Compliance Coordinator 207-756-8023