City Code Amendments

Posted on: October 6, 2017

Affordable Housing Incentives

Incentives for development to build affordable housing include density bonuses, building height increases, and setback reductions in the B-1, B-1b, B-2, B-2b, B-2c, B-3, B-3b, B-3c, B-5, R-7, and R-P Zones. Planned Residential Unit Developments (PRUDs) that provide 50% or more workforce or low-income housing are allowed now in the R-3, R-5 and R-5a zones.  Their density bonuses and design flexibility will likely be utilized by the Portland Housing Authority as it seeks to upgrade and modernize its locations to provide better and more low-income housing. 

Land on both sides of a street now counts toward the minimum lot size requirements for a PRUD and the minimum recreation space is set at 200 square feet per unit. Other changes require: 1) unit size and affordability provisions meet the City’s current inclusionary zoning requirements; 2) a public meeting must be held 30 days prior to submitting an application; and 3) that density bonuses cannot be applied cumulatively.

Order 31-17/18
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