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Posted on: September 6, 2017

Powsland-Mitton Sewer and Water project update

The Department of Public Works would like to update you on the status and activities regarding the above referenced project.

This project involves the replacement of the existing sewers that are within these streets. Portland Water District will also be replacing their water main on Greeley, Mitton and Powsland Streets with some work on Lassell, Sewall, and Hopper.

The contract has been awarded to R. E. Coleman Inc. located in Portland, Maine. The project manager for R. E. Coleman is Bill Bradshaw and he can be reached at (207) 797-3779.

Powsland Street will be the first street to be constructed and it is anticipated to begin the week of September 5, 2017 with mobilization and construction occurring during the day from 7am to 7pm.  

It is anticipated that Mitton Street sewer will begin after Powsland Street.

Portland Water District work will start in April of 2018 and continue until it’s finished. Once PWD water main is complete the entire width and length of the streets will be restored with new base pavement. Once base pavement is complete no utility or driveway cuts will be granted. A five year street opening moratorium will be in effect. Please make any repairs, changes, or installation of new connections to any of your underground utilities, including but not limited to sewer, storm, water, gas, electrical, or cable, prior to the paving of the street. After paving, street openings are restricted to emergencies only and the permit cost associated with pavement restoration increases significantly.

During the day the streets will be closed due to the location of the sewer and how narrow the streets are. The roadway will also be posted “No Parking” as necessary when construction activities warrant it. This is done to protect your vehicles and to make moving around the site easier for the contractor. If your vehicles can not be parked off the road we would suggest you park on one of the adjacent streets and walk to your home or business. You will have access to driveways on a daily basis. The contractor will be stockpiling necessary materials for the project along the side of the road and using heavy equipment during the project. We ask you to use caution when driving through the work zones and be aware of equipment and personnel.

New paint indicating underground utilities will be applied to the street. During construction the contractor will be completing a layout of scheduled manholes and catch basins. In doing so you may find wooden stakes in your front lawn. Please do not remove them as these are used to indicate the location of underground utilities and new structures in the street once the pavement and markings have been removed.
Trash and recycling pickup for all streets will remain unchanged. Please make sure both trash and recycling are at your curb by 6:00 AM.

Eric Stanicki will be the City Inspector onsite daily. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to seek us out in person or contact me (phone and e-mail are below). You will also be kept apprised of progress and any news regarding this project by future mailings.
I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during the upcoming construction period. We will work to minimize the disruption to your neighborhood during this construction.
Should you have any questions pertaining to the above, please contact Nathaniel Smith at 874-8818.

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