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Posted on: July 1, 2017

Some City Fees Increase in Fiscal Year 2018

Along with the Fiscal Year 2018 Appropriation Resolve, at its May 15, 2017 meeting the Portland City Council approved increases in various fees.

In Planning, the billable hourly rate charged for staff review of development projects is now $52, up $2.00 from the previous rate of $50.00. This reflects increases in annual salaries with step increases and cost of living increases.

The Sewer Rate has increased from $9.35 to $9.65 per hundred cubic feet of volume (HCF).  This is measured by a water meter. One HCF is approximately 750 gallons of water.  City Manager Jon Jennings was pleased to report that, while the rate is going up, it is not necessary to increase it as much as had been projected a few years ago, because borrowing costs are lower than anticipated.  The Stormwater Charge is not being increased at all.

Both fees are paying for the costs of borrowing to fund massive combined sewer overflow projects the City is required to undertake under a settlement agreement with the United State Environmental Protection Agency. The City is hiring contractors to separate stormwater from sewage in order to keep the raw sewage from overflowing into the Back Cove or other adjacent water ways and polluting them during heavy rainstorms.  You can see these projects here:

The Department of Public Works anticipates approximately 20 annual violations of its requirement that street excavations be authorized with a street occupancy permit.  A new fine of $75 a day for failure to obtain that permit, and a second fine of $50.00 a day for failure to follow an approved traffic and pedestrian management plan, may cut back on that problem.

Finally, parking meter rates have increased from $1.00 an hour to $1.25 an hour.  The parking meter rate hadn’t increased for the last eight years until this change.  Simultaneously, the Parking Division is  improving its technology. Handheld ticket writing devices are innovating writing parking tickets and, in the fall, mobile payments will be accepted for payment of parking fees.

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