City Code Amendments

Posted on: May 31, 2017

City Hospitals and Universities can now propose their own Institutional Overlay Zones

At least three of these four major institutions are considering major changes to their core campuses, and, for some, the existing zoning context presents challenges.  For example, Maine Medical Center’s contract zone, developed in 2005, does not support its long-term vision, and the University of New England’s existing zoning, consisting of five disparate zones, presents challenges for its future planning as well 

The concept of an Institutional Overlay Zone (IOZ) has been adopted in many municipalities to introduce a longer-range institutional planning process that allows cities to better anticipate municipal needs and institutions to better sustain healthy ongoing relationships with surrounding neighbors.

As part of the process the institution would prepare an Institutional Development Plan that sets out the current land use and proposed development.  The Institutional Development Plan is the first step before drafting a Regulatory Framework and IOZ boundary, which form the ‘zoning’ for the institution and would be incorporated into the land use code following Planning Board and City Council review and approval. 

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