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Kevin Austin Ganley Winner

We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award was presented to Kevin Austin, Fleet Services Manager, Department of Public Works, at the annual Employee Service Awards Reception held on Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Ocean Gateway Terminal.

The Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award is presented annually to an employee of the City of Portland who exemplifies the dedication, knowledge and passion for municipal public service which characterized former City Manager Robert B. Ganley's life. Bob Ganley passed away December 23, 2000, having served as City Manager for 14+ years. This prestigious award recognizes an employee whose work for the citizens of Portland demonstrates, over a period of years, characteristics such as:

  • the efficient and economical use of city resources;

  • a mastery of skills and judgment required for successful performance of their duties;

  • the commitment to share knowledge and skills with co-workers;

  • the willing acceptance of public service as a vocation to which he or she has freely committed themselves;

  • a real concern to improve the common good;

  • the ability to respond genuinely to the concerns of individual citizens, to be attentive to voices not usually heard; and

  • adherence to the familiar maxim of Robert B. Ganley that good public service is recognized by the substance of the performance, not by the style in which it is carried out.

We received 15 nominations for this year's award. This year's Selection Committee was comprised of previous award recipients; namely Keith Gautreau (2016), Barbara Barhydt (2015), Mary McCarthy (2011), Kevin Haley (2010), Paul Bradbury (2008), Marc Spiller (2009), Julia Glassock (2002), and Kathy Alves (2006), as well as Human Resources staff; namely Gina Tapp and Carlene Kessler, and Communications Director, Jessica Grondin.

Kevin’s career with the City began in 1999 when he joined the Public Works Department as an Account Clerk II. He was promoted in 2001 to the position of Office Manager, and then promoted again to his current position of Fleet Manager in 2003.

Kevin received multiple nominations for this year's Ganley Award from his fellow colleagues. His service to the City was described by the following statements, which were included in his nominations for this award:

“From the minute Kevin walks in his office he has people, phone calls, and emails to address. He deals with so many people coming at him all at once with the most utmost professionalism.

Kevin’s daily job goes anywhere from purchasing expensive equipment to walking down to the pumps with a co-worker because their gas key won’t work.

The service Kevin provides for his co-workers, employees, supervisors, salesmen, and outside vendors never differs. They are all treated with respect. He wears so many hats across all departments.

Without vehicle maintenance, the City of Portland would not have properly running vehicles to keep the City operating.

This is what Kevin has to do every day, and he does it with a smile on his face.
He is always willing to assist, and he does so with a cooperative, positive attitude.
He is very knowledgeable and a valuable asset to the City.

He keeps everybody rolling and happy with the fleet we have, especially considering the budget constraints he’s up against. No matter what, he finds a way to make it work.

He and his staff work tirelessly to keep equipment that should have been long ago retired, up and running.

Even though he doesn’t have much interaction with the public, what he does behind the scenes benefits the public every day. Kevin embodies that description of Bob Ganley - every day he is behind the scenes doing good work that no one really sees, but everyone would miss if it were not being done.”

After announcing his selection as the award recipient and describing the reasons for his selection, DPW Director Chris Branch and City Manager Jon Jennings presented Kevin with the Ganley Award itself, a certificate granting him a week off with pay, and a $250 gift card. Kevin’s son and daughter were with him during the ceremony, as well as his parents.

Please join us in congratulating Kevin for his truly outstanding work for the City of Portland as this year's Robert B. Ganley Public Service Award recipient.