Review and Accept Minutes from July 11th, 2017 Meeting


New Emergency Shelter Design & Planning: Presentation and Public Hearing

  1. Background, Committee/Council Goals Addressed
  • Belinda Ray, HHS Chair

Overview of tonight’s presentation & introduction of presenters

  • Dawn Stiles, Director of Health and Human Services, City of Portland


  •  Rob Parritt, Oxford Street Shelter
  • Steve Weatherhead, Winton Scott Architects
  • Ann Tucker and Dr. Renee Faye-LaBlanc, Greater Portland Health

Public Hearing:

Members of the public will have a chance to offer input on the draft proposal via public testimony and/or written comments during this meeting.

  • Public comment will be taken (a summary of the rules and procedure for public comment is included below/on the other side of this agenda)
  • Large format drawings of the design will be posted in the room with post-its provided to allow comments directly on the drawings.
  • Chart paper and markers will also be provided for written comment.

Committee Questions & Discussion


Rules and Procedure for Public Testimony

Council committees use the City Council rules for public testimony. You can find the complete rules in the Rules of Procedure for the City Council, Rule 31. Procedure for Addressing Council. This document is available on the City Website:


Below is a summary of the main points:

  • If you wish to speak, please raise your hand or line up.

  • When you are recognized by the Chair, you will have up to three (3) minutes to offer your comments. Please begin by stating your name and where you live.

  • While someone is speaking, others in attendance will not interrupt.

  • There should be no expressions approval or disapproval (applause, snapping, boos, hissing).

  • Remarks shall be confined to the merits of the pending item.

  • The Chair may limit or cut off any commentary that is not germane or that is scurrilous, abusive, or not in accord with good order and decorum.

  • Any person who shall continue to violate these rules, after warning by the Chair, may be ejected for the remainder of the meeting then in progress.

Committee discussion of work plan & future meetings dates