Development Review

Electronic Application Process

Welcome to the Planning & Urban Development’s new Electronic Plan Review Process. Below you will find the steps along with tips and guides to help you through filling out the application, uploading and viewing your project electronically during the review process. All applications shall be submitted electronically.

If you are not sure what type of application to submit, select applicability next to each application type below to view the requirements.
Application Types Applicability Download Checklist
​​​Administrative Authorization ​​Applicability ​​             Checklist
Level I Site Alteration Applicability             Checklist
Level II Site Plan Applicability              Checklist
Level III Site Plan and Subdivision Applicability             Checklist
Conditional Use Applicability              Checklist
Conditional Use Inclusionary Zoning Applicability             Checklist
Contract Rezoning, Text/Map Amendments Applicability              Checklist
Master Development Applicability              Checklist