Back Cove South Storage Facility


Weekly updates below:

Week of January 10, 2021

The City's contractor, Sargent Corporation, has completed the excavation with the exception of the deep sumps at either end.

The placement of the gravel borrow that will serve as the base for the tanks continues.

N.S. Giles, our concrete subcontractor, has mobilized to the site.

The NS Giles crew has begun the placement of the rebar matting for Tank #4.

The City Council has approved an easement to bring CMP power onto the site.

Construction photo 2 2021-01-08
Construction photo 3 2021-01-08
Construction photo 4 2021-01-08
Construction photo 1 2021-01-08

Week ending December 18, 2020

Construction activities were slower this week as the project was dealing with vandalism which destroyed equipment and pumps over the past weekend and the snow event Thursday. Once resumed, active placement of the granular material continued. This material will serve as the base for the tanks and numerous geotechnical engineers visited the site to evaluate the material and compaction efforts. Two concrete spanning beams were placed to provide additional bracing at the bottom of the excavation between the sheet pile walls.

The team at Sebago Technics, which is providing our project oversight and inspection services, also provided us this week with the below link to aerial drone footage from the site.

Dump Truck
Concrete Beam
Active Construction photo
Concrete support Beam

Week of December 13, 2020: The City's contractor, Sargent Corporation, has reached the bottom of the excavation and has begun placing the granular material which the concrete tank will sit upon.

BCSSF 2020-12-08 DSCF9963
BCSSF 2020-12-08 DSCF9957
BCSSF 2020-12-08 DSCF9959

Week of November 30, 2020: The BCSSF hit a milestone last week with the completion of the sheet pile support bracing. Excavation continues from the mid-level steel bracing (Elevation -14) to the bottom of the proposed concrete slab (El. -25).

BCSSF 2020-12-01 DSCF9949
BCSSF 2020-12-01 DSCF9947
BCSSF 2020-12-03 DSCF9951
BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_1
BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_2
BCSSF 2020-11-17 Public Update 2_Page_3
BCSSF 2020-09-18 September Fact Sheet Update_Page_1


Date Notice Additional Documents
05/07/2018 Geo-Technical Work Notice
09/06/2019 Geo-Technical Work Notice
11/07/2019 Neighborhood Meeting Notice Meeting Notice
04/15/2020 Sargent Phase 1B TCP and Site Layout Plan
07/13/2020 Maine DEP - Finding of No Significant Impact FONSI
BCSSF 2019-02-26 Public Information Sign