Park Ave Separated Bike Lane Project

What is a Separated Bike Lane?

A separated bike lane (also known as a protected bike lane, or a cycle track) is a bike lane that is separated from motorized traffic by something other than paint. This can be done with planters, curbing, parked cars, bollards (flexible tubes) or any combination of these things. For this project, we will be using bollards and parked cars to separate the bike lane and the travel lane.

Bike Lane

How to use

How to use a Separated Bike Lane…

… As a Bicyclist

When biking along Park Ave, you can ride your bike as you normally would in a bike lane, but this time you are just on the other side of the parked cars!

When going through an intersection, you stay in your lane, wait at the stop bar for a green light, and then keep going forward in your lane.

When taking a left off Park Ave you go through the intersection and move to the right, so that you’re in the “bike box” next to the green lane. Turn and look in the direction you’d like to proceed.  Wait for a green light and continue on your way.

How to use a turn box

When going through a bus stop, you may find a bus making a stop in the bike lane. You’re allowed to go around the bus safely, but it’s recommended that you just wait behind it at the yield line until the bus had finished its stop and clears the bike lane.

… As a Driver

When going through an intersection, the most important thing to keep in mind when making a turn is to yield to bikes as you normally would yield for a pedestrian. Also keep an eye out for those “no turn on red” signs. 

New Signs

… When Parking

How to Park

When parking your car, you should park in the marked parking area in between the thru lane and the buffer. Look for pavement markings and signs to help guide you.  You can use the buffer area to get out of your car, but just watch out for oncoming bikes and then move to the sidewalk.

… How to Use ... As a Bus Rider

Bus stop

Riders using METRO Route 5 buses should note the following stops will be moved or removed: 

  1. Park and Deering: The westbound stop will be removed.
  2. Park and State: The westbound and eastbound stops will be removed.
  3. Park and Mellen: The westbound and eastbound stops will be shifted.
  4. Park and High: The westbound stop will be moved towards High St.

… As a Pedestrian

Keep using the sidewalks, crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and watch for oncoming bikes anytime you need to cross the bike lane.  


Park Ave is a hub of activity for residents, businesses, and many others in Parkside.  It serves as a connection between several residential neighborhoods and our downtown. It is also an ideal location for this type of separated bike facility, that has been shown to improve safety and ridership in other cities when designed well; it’s relatively flat, has ample curb-to-curb width, and intersects with other existing bike infrastructure. Separated bike lanes are increasingly making biking a more viable mode of transportation for people of all abilities across the country. Along Park Ave, this project will provide cyclists the option to ride without being right next to moving traffic, but also the convenience and connectivity of an on-road facility that ties into the larger bike network.  

Project Scope and Connecting Bike Network