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skatepark expansion - May 2021 Update

Portland Parks Division is planning an expansion to the much-used and overcrowded skate park at Dougherty Field. The current skatepark, 8,350 sq feet, expansion will be 6,500 sq feet, for a total of 14,850 sq feet. 

We have been working with community members on an exciting skatepark expansion project for the past few years and we are getting closer to having the funds available to start construction, hopefully sometime in 2022. The total budget for the project to get the skatepark from the current square footage of 8,350 square feet to over 14,000 square feet is approximately $375,000.

Thanks to the hard work of many community members, we have raised over $103,000 in private funding for this project so far. This is a tremendous accomplishment thanks to all of you! All of the private funds raised for this project are deposited in a City fund for the exclusive purpose of the skatepark expansion project. You can keep tabs on the fund-raising by scrolling down and also sign up to raise funds yourself.

Special mention goes out to all of our skaters and families who have gotten pledges and donations from friends, relatives and neighbors as part of the Skate-a-Thon and summer and winter Rail Jam events. A lot of that money was raised $5 and $10 at a time. A huge thank you also goes to skaters Jack Kyle and Max Press who have connected us with local foundations that have contributed $85,000 towards this project. And the Long family (of the former Long's Board Shop) played a key role in building interest in this project and hosting some of our early events.

We recently put in a request from our Department for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding for the remainder of the project budget and we were successful in getting partial funding for the project (another $50K)--but not enough to get going on construction yet. There are always many more requests for funding that come in than there is money available and sometimes it takes years to get full funding for a project. The City has also faced historic revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic. The good news is that the City Manager and City Council have been supportive of this project despite a very difficult financial situation, and we now have an additional $50K of CIP funding which keeps the momentum for the project going strong.

Moving forward, this project remains a priority for our Department-- and any funds raised moving forward will get us that much closer to our project funding goal.

In the meantime, here is some interesting reading about skateparks and their impacts on communities and youth: