As its name suggests, the Portland area is strongly linked to the sea. The port is the heart, the soul, and to a large extent, the muscle of a dynamic city. From container ships to luxury cruise ships, Portland's harbor can handle the largest seagoing vessels. At the same time, the harbor is dotted with ferries and colorful pleasure boats. Portland is home to a working waterfront, but it also has a playful side.

Throughout its long history, Portland has attracted shippers to its port. Our natural deepwater, ice-free harbor is among the best protected on the East Coast. Commercial fleets as well as passenger boats find a welcome refuge here as they enjoy the rare beauty and great opportunities the Portland area provides.
  1. City Poised to Select Development Proposal for Thames Street Property

    The City of Portland is poised to select the chosen development proposal for the sale of a 48,000 square foot portion of the City-owned Thames Street property located along the city’s Eastern Waterfront. Read on...
  2. Cruise Season Officially Underway; Portland to Welcome 103 Ships this Season

    The 2017 cruise season officially begins this Sunday with the arrival of the first large ship of the season. This year, the cruise season spans from May to November bringing 103 cruise ships and more than 125,000 passengers. Read on...
  3. City & Harbor Commission Make Progress on Dredging Solution, Select CAD Cell Site Location

    The City and the Portland Harbor Commission, working with a team of consultants from Stantec, Apex, and Campbell Environmental Group, have identified a primary site for evaluating a potential confined aquatic disposal cell (CAD Cell) in Portland Harbor. Read on...
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