Shared Use Pathways

Shared Use Pathways are a type of shared bikeway and pedestrian-way physically separated from the roadway and are intended to be shared by multiple types of pathway users, serving both transportation and recreational purposes.

Current Projects

West Commercial Street Pathway Design
Through the West Commercial Street Pathway project, the City of Portland, in consultation with the Maine DOT, is designing a portion of the West Commercial Street Pathway along the frontage of the Star Match building.  This segment is just one of many vital missing links in the plan to create a circumferential shared use pathway network around the Portland Peninsula, and when complete, will help to extend the Fore River Trail from its existing terminus to the east.

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Bayside to Portland Transportation Center Pathway
The Bayside to Portland Transportation Center Pathway is a critical missing link in an evolving shared use pathway network that will encircle the Portland peninsula and connect to other existing and planned pathways and our neighboring communities.

Completed Studies

Martin's Point Shared Use Pathway

This study, completed in early 2016, developed a shared use pathway concept to connect the Back Cove Trail/Tukey’s Bridge pathway with the shared use pathway built on the newly constructed Martin’s Point Bridge.

Martin's Point Shared Use Path Design Feasibility Study
Pathway_FINAL_Martins Point Report_160127

West Commercial Street Feasibility Study

This study, completed in 2009, developed two potential alignments for a shared use pathway from the Veteran’s Bridge/Fore River Parkway Trail to Harborview Park along West Commercial Street. The MaineDOT constructed Phase I in 2015 as part of the International Marine Terminal Project including the traffic signal at Beach Street and a pathway from east of Beach Street to just east of the Star Match Building. The city has secured funding for Phase II and will be embarking on its design in the near future.

West Commercial Street Trail Feasibility Study
StarMatch_WestCommStTrail Portland -Feasibility Study Report_4.8.10_FINA

The West Commercial Street Multi-Modal Corridor Study (2016)

In 2016, the 2009 study was updated with recommendations for the "along the road" pathway alignment and concept.

West Commercial Street Multi-Modal Corridor Study