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The Department of Planning and Urban Development is pleased to release Portland’s new comprehensive plan. This  plan is based on work that began in 2015 and included a process of extensive public engagement, including attendance at farmers' markets, fairs, middle and high school classes, neighborhood group meetings, and many other events to learn what people in Portland hope for the next 10 years. In all, we have attended well over 40 events this year, hearing from hundreds of people, as well as countless others who stopped by at large events. In addition, last winter we conducted a public survey to which over 2,000 people responded. Creation of this new plan has been a community-wide effort.

The new plan to distills what we heard, as best as is possible, into concise and comprehensive visions for the future of the City we love. As a comprehensive plan, it serves as a policy vision for the entire city.

We hope you will read and enjoy Portland's Plan. Below are a couple of options for accessing the plan electronically, and there is also a paper copies available in the Planning Division, on the 4th floor of City Hall, the City Manager's office reception area, and all Portland Public Library branches.

The Planning Board held a public hearing on the plan on March 23rd, and will continue the public hearing on April 13th to review changes to the document. The current version, dated April 6th, incorporates input received since Portland's Plan was released on February 14th. Thank you to everyone who contributed comments.

Please forward any comments on the plan to portlandsplan@portlandmaine.gov
Please direct any questions, comments or concerns about Portland's Plan to portlandsplan@portlandmaine.gov, or contact Christine Grimando at cdg@portlandmaine.gov or 207-874-8608.

Thank you for your interest!