Draft Comprehensive Plan Snapshots 

These draft documents are based on over a year of work and public engagement. Staff has attended farmers' markets, fairs, high school classes, neighborhood group meetings, and other events to learn what people in Portland hope for the next 10 years. In all we have attended over 40 events this year, engaging over 400 people, as well as countless others who stopped by at large events.  In addition, last winter we conducted a public survey to which over 2,000 people responded.

These drafts attempt to distill what we heard, as best as is possible, into concise and comprehensive visions for the future of the City we love. As a Comprehensive Plan, we seek to avoid getting too specific or lost in the weeds.

We hope you will read and enjoy these draft documents. Currently, staff is revising these drafts and collating a document for forwarding to the Planning Board to begin the formal review process. Thanks for your involvement in making Portland an even better place!

Economy  Economy
Environment Alt  Environment
Facilities  Facilities & Services
Historic  Historic Resources
Housing  Housing
Open Space  Recreation & Open Space
Transportation  Transportation
Waterfront  Waterfront

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