All Permit Applications for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Subsurface and Zoning applications shall be received in the Permitting and Inspections Department, Room 315, 3rd Floor of City Hall or you can submit by e-mail at

Please refer to the submission checklists and application forms listed below. Select the submission checklist and application form(s) that are applicable to the project and submit all required materials to the Permitting and Inspections Department. All applications shall be submitted in electronic format either by email, flash drive or CD following the standards outlined in the guide Requirements for Electronic Submissions.

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is a streamlined review and permitting process for qualifying applications. Eligible projects that apply through Fast Track will go through a limited review and have permits issued faster than through the permit application process. The new Fast Track system consolidates the review process by eliminating unnecessary stages of review, depending on the type of project. To find out if a project qualifies for Fast Track, refer to the Fast Track Eligible Projects sheet

How do I apply for a permit through Fast Track?

After verifying that your project is eligible, fill out the related Schedule (A, B or C) that corresponds with the type of project, along with the applicable submission checklist and General Building Permit Application and provide any required plans and/or supporting documents. Providing a complete application package will ensure a timely review of your application. Please use Fast Track Table for Definitions, Setbacks and other helpful informaton.

Fast Track Eligible Projects
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Fast Track Table
Fast Track and Historic Preservation

How soon can I expect to get my permit?

Fast Track reviews typically take an average of 15 business days from the date of payment to the date the permit is issued, however, with the new Fast Track system, many projects will have a significantly shorter review time. Review times vary, depending on the type and complexity of the project and the quality of the submission. Submitting complete and clear application materials will facilitate the review process.

If you have any questions about project eligibility or submission requirements, please contact the Permitting and Inspections Department at or (207) 874-8703.