Housing Safety Office

The Housing Safety Office administers a rental housing registration and inspection program for residential rental properties in the City of Portland. 

All property owners are required to register residential rented apartment units, rented houses, rented rooms, or rented beds with the City's Housing Safety Office by January 1 of EVERY year or within thirty days of new ownership and pay a $35.00 per unit/room/bed registration fee at that time to cover the cost of a citywide rental inspection program.

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Guidance on Rental Units

A residential rental unit can be a rented apartment, house, condominium, or rented individual room.  A rental can be for any length of time including: 

  • Written leased residential rentals or month-to-month residential rentals; or
  • Short-term rentals such as:
    • Summer vacation rentals or winter rentals; or
    • Overnight lodging and casual rentals such as AirBNB and irregular room or apartment rentals.  Overnight lodging where the State has issued a food service license and as a result has inspected the property for life-safety is exempt from registering.

Note: Owners occupying a unit on their own property are not required to register the unit they occupy, but must register the units that are rented.

How to Register

For more information about registration or to download the registration form visit the Housing Safety Office in Room 26 of City Hall, call (207) 756-8131 or     
REGISTER NOW: Rental Housing Registration

Pay the Registration Fee Online


Inspections will be scheduled with the owner or property manager.  Inspections will be guided by the pre-inspection checklist found on the registration form.