Amendments to the R-6 Residential Zone

In 2015, the City Council approved major updates to the R-6 residential zone, which includes much of the residential area on the Peninsula. These changes were designed to:
  • Provide for greater housing opportunities
  • Enable infill development on small parcels
  • Have standards in place that make it possible for new construction to be consistent with the historic pattern of development prevalent in the neighborhoods where R-6 is prevalent.
A secondary but important aspect of the amendment is increased clarity of the zoning ordinance through reformatting the dimensional standards into a table, and shortening and simplifying text where possible.

A summary of the approved changes is available here. For the full text of the R-6 zone as of September 2017, click here.

In 2017, City staff began an audit of the R-6 zone and the infill developments that have been produced since 2015. As part of that work, staff may recommend changes to the 2015 language to better accomplish the intended goals.